100th episode time!

The 100th episode revisits the ground of the 1st, militant oddness currently occurring on our country. So listen to the anniversary episode on iTunes or libsyn, and then hook up with the first through its website entry. Unload first, please, for safety.

The Dollop 100: Jade Helm: libsyn, iTunes

The Dollop 1: Cliven Bundy

TheDollop2015Still feel like celebrating with the happy couple?

Revisit the first 10 episodes of Dollopness through my wiseass website entries. Relisten through the websites as you explore links, images, books, documentaries, and my goofiness. Explore the dollop.net basement; you may have never been there before today. Play around while Momma Carla cooks up her new resources and smartass comments for 100.

1. Cliven Bundy (and his cows)

2. Purity Balls (“Give Daddy a Kiss”)

3. Competitive Endurance Tickling

4. Ghosts

5. Hugh “The Man Who Refused to Die” Glass

6. The Tank Chase

7.  American Vampire Panic (“Shut Up and Drink Your Sister!”)

8. The Dolphin (the gift that keeps on giving, God bless ’em, the Dollop of Dollops, the Show of Shows)

9. The Pendragon

10. The Jackson Cheese


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