Captive audience: Baseball season

An American tradition and an American invention…although we still are a wee bit confused about who to credit with its invention.

The baseball page here at is complete, with history, images, and lists of applicable episodes and their website entries. Play ball!

Oh, and our favorite teams? Mine, I share with the King, Stephen, that is: the Boston Red Sox. I lived in Kenmore Square when I attended BU, one block up and two blocks down from Fenway and the Big Green Monster. My brownstone was tucked between the giant Citgo sign and the Charles River. I could take a study break, step out on my stoop, and hear the roar of the crowd on game nights, faint jubilation just on the other side of the brownstones. To be able to hear that much humanity, coming together to enjoy something, to put everything else aside and hope to witness some magic…Who wouldn’t fall in love with that?

And, as the baseball page is dedicated to The Rube, pitcher of no-hitters and lover of shiny things, fire trucks, and puppies, this entry is dedicated to Dave’s captive baseball audience, and honorary FOD #1: Finn Anthony. Hi, Finn!Finn, on Hothead poster


The guys’ favorite baseball teams…are still pending. 🙂

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