Hosting special

Y’all know I know from faulty hosting. I still have PTSD from the two prior moves this first year. SiteGround is different. The website has

Who knows love can endure and you know it will

Working on Episode 174, and linking it back to the other times I have written about Kent State, and expanding that information…and getting angry… …and

Site Update: New Instagram Feeds Page

carla barbie

POD (People of The Dollop) and FOD (Friends of The Dollop), thanks to some shiny code-fu that is not my doing at all. I just

Site Update: Facebook page pulled, sucked, pushed, shoved


Choose your verb: It’s fed into the website now, its 20 most recent posts’ summaries and their links are now living at welcome/people-of-thedollop-net/facebook-page. I know

Drink me?

The Dollop Dot Net is a strange place, much like Wonderland. Sometimes, you need a map. (Landscapes change, no promises made about that, we’re

Housekeeping, welcome, la la la

For all the new listeners, visitors…people that night-stumbled over here from Reddit blowing up the Purity Balls episode…Hugh-Glassing here after watching The Revenant…people wondering what