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The United States of Absurdity: Untold Stories From American History, with foreword by Patton Oswalt and

Hosting special

Y’all know I know from faulty hosting. I still have PTSD from the two prior moves this first year. SiteGround is different. The website has

One Year! And New Business Site

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First: all business inquiries (which is a lovely way to say gimme tour dates and merch!) Now have their own digital home: I

Site Update: Instagram, Front Page

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Who knows love can endure and you know it will

Working on Episode 174, and linking it back to the other times I have written about Kent State, and expanding that information…and getting angry… …and

Site Update: New Instagram Feeds Page

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POD (People of The Dollop) and FOD (Friends of The Dollop), thanks to some shiny code-fu that is not my doing at all. I just

Site Update: Facebook page pulled, sucked, pushed, shoved


Choose your verb: It’s fed into the website now, its 20 most recent posts’ summaries and their links are now living at welcome/people-of-thedollop-net/facebook-page. I know

Facebook Page: The Dollop Dot Net

Sucked in for your pleasure (and so it could fit into its Spanx, have you ever tried these things, they are a bitch, it should

Somber news

The Dollop has the sorrowful task of reporting the loss of a Friend of the Dollop. Patton Oswalt, who gives all us Rubes such

Drink me?

The Dollop Dot Net is a strange place, much like Wonderland. Sometimes, you need a map. (Landscapes change, no promises made about that, we’re