Episode 225: Live: The Birth of Porn

Dave: …and then they would all have an orgy. Gareth: Why the honey? They just like honey? Wil: You know, like at a restaurant…it’s an

Episode 204: Live: The Modern Bushman

Gareth: He’s sharing a tree with a snake! Dave: It’s Australia. http://traffic.libsyn.com/thedollop/Ron_Ansell.mp3   Now, who was Rodney Ansell, the inspiration for the

Disco Inferno

While I battle this uptick in autoimmune symptoms, please enjoy this flashback to The Night Disco Died. Thank you to Rube Joe Planck for the

Episode 150: Live: James Sullivan and the 1904 Olympics

James Sullivan

Is this a metaphor for Hitler? –Gareth http://traffic.libsyn.com/thedollop/The_1904_Olympics.mp3 Live with new Friend of the Dollop: Rory Scovel All the World’s a Fair: Visions of

Episode 169: Live: Disco Demolition Night

He threw a party to celebrate his leg being amputated. –Dave I wonder what was on the flyer for that shit. —Dave Helem http://traffic.libsyn.com/thedollop/Disco_Demolition_-_Live_in_Chicago.mp3  

One Year! And New Business Site

logo for sylph

First: all business inquiries (which is a lovely way to say gimme tour dates and merch!) Now have their own digital home: dolloppodcast.com. I

Episode 168: Live: America’s First Crematorium

Dave: …politics, and Dummy over here won’t remember all the names. Gareth: That’s Dumb-eth. http://traffic.libsyn.com/thedollop/The_First_Crematorium_In_America_-_Live_in_Chicago.mp3 Washington Female Seminary: 1836–1948, Washington, Pennsylvania, founded by Francis Julius LeMoyne

FOD: Dave Helem

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Episode 169: Dollop: Disco Demolition Night: Video

Full length video of this live episode– Dave, Gareth, and Dave Helem, filmed in Chicago– enjoy the madness, and keep your arms and head inside

Episode 126: Dollop: RA Cunningham and Tambo

I’ve always said that freak shows are a gateway drug to Australia. –Wil Anderson http://traffic.libsyn.com/thedollop/RA_Cunningham.mp3 first off, highly recommended book for any Rube: The