Photograph and a health tip: Poor huskies

Thanks to the New South Wales Library, and to Daisy-Boo Cannon, a fabulous Rube who wrote a better caption than I could, so I am just going to leave this here: probably the last photograph taken of Xavier Mertz and his huskies.


(Don’t forget, lesson of episode 108, don’t overdo vitamin A, kids.)



Xavier Mertz

original entry: Episode 108:Douglas Mawson


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My Unexcused Absence

I am sorry, my lovelies, for no content this weekend. I hate it when fibro and EDS win, but sometimes they do. I overextended myself yesterday, and then fell today. I am okay–hyperextended both wrists and one elbow, hurt one knee. I am typing this with one finger which is driving me bonkers.
I shall return tomorrow with episode content and Australia content, body be damned. Until then…anyone know how to make pajamas out of bubble wrap?

Biweekly podcast

All righty, y’all. I crawled out from behind the debris of history books, chocolate, and horror movies to settle this one. I checked several sources, including the mighty Oxford English Dictionary. Not only does biweekly mean either twice a week or every two weeks, but the very first appearance in English found by the OED was twice a week.

Don’t poke the Dave right now. He’s preparing for Australia. Let him prep, and then poke him. Rubeness is all about timing and lying in wait.


you know I have to do it…

wait for it…