The Dollop Episode List 2017

  • Breaking Glenn Burke
  • American Summer Hitler Camps!
  • Daniel Sickles
  • The Great Diamond Hoax
  • Dope Lake
  • Jet Pack Madness
  • The Gopher Gang
  • Enron
  • North Pole Madness
  • Episode 182: Smollop: Street Dentist Painless Parker

    Hello, how are you? Do you mind if I go inside your head? –Gareth

    Episode 203: Smollop: The Sodder Children


    Gareth: Wrangling ten kids during a fire?Dave: Not like you’ve ever done it.Gareth: Well…not ten!

    No matter how bad your worst Christmas was, it

    Labor Day, or Don’t Lick That Brush…

    …just ’cause the Bossman tells you to. The whys and wherefores of Labor Day, as viewed through the skewed prism that is The Dollop:

    Episode 190: Smollop: Fort Moore Hill

    I want my ashes to be put into a can and shaken, and then put on a wall. –Gareth

    Episode 186: Smollop: John Dillinger’s Penis

    Note: This episode entry is dedicated to Patton Oswalt. One, because he went to college at about the time I did, so the references will

    Happy Independence Day, American Rubes!

    Dino Civil War

    Roundup time! Independence day heroes: Here’s a little ditty about Sam and Debbie July 4th block party: A fake fur collar, a tiny

    Episode 174: Smollop: The Hard Hat Riot

    Hard Hat Riot

    Meany Meany Meany angry–Gareth George Meany’s profile at labor history in America timeline at That Peter Boyle movie, Joe,

    Who knows love can endure and you know it will

    Working on Episode 174, and linking it back to the other times I have written about Kent State, and expanding that information…and getting angry… …and

    Episode 160: Smollop: Fed Ex Fight 705

    He put the lie in fly. –Gareth case law: UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee v. Auburn CALLOWAY, Defendant-Appellant (116 F.3d 1129) Cockpit Recorder Voice