Photograph and a health tip: Poor huskies

Thanks to the New South Wales Library, and to Daisy-Boo Cannon, a fabulous Rube who wrote a better caption than I could, so I am just going to leave this here: probably the last photograph taken of Xavier Mertz and his huskies.


(Don’t forget, lesson of episode 108, don’t overdo vitamin A, kids.)



Xavier Mertz

original entry: Episode 108:Douglas Mawson


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Biweekly podcast

All righty, y’all. I crawled out from behind the debris of history books, chocolate, and horror movies to settle this one. I checked several sources, including the mighty Oxford English Dictionary. Not only does biweekly mean either twice a week or every two weeks, but the very first appearance in English found by the OED was twice a week.

Don’t poke the Dave right now. He’s preparing for Australia. Let him prep, and then poke him. Rubeness is all about timing and lying in wait.


you know I have to do it…

wait for it…


Thank you! (and you, and you)

We just finished our first full month together. I have been here since the end of March, but, until the middle of June, it was me, alone, in my creepy basement lab. Thank you for letting me out. I like it out here with the sane people.

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I’m a glorious wordsmith at saying stuff and junk.

Greg Behrendt, Walking the Room

And within all this silliness, I get to assist two really kind, talented guys using my own tools.

I love you Rubes. Momma Carla loves you. Here’s your present: a very early picture of my writing on my Mac 512. Every time I receive a wee bit of renevue, I shall give you a embarrassing-myself present such as this.

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Using the money for…

Interlude: Internet as Greek Tragedy

aka, Carla had too much coffee before having food. Enjoy the clash of caffeine silliness and classical education, won’t you?

The Internet, One Act Greek Tragedy

Chorus one: I fervently care about event A!

Chorus two: Caring fervently about event A means you don’t care enough about event B!

Chorus three: Chorus A is going to hell, and we have written a mocking meme about it!

Chorus four: It’s they’re, not there!

Hero: Fatal flaw, fatal flaw, I can’t see my fatal flaw!

All: <sing chorus of Alanis’ “Ironic“>

<thunder as all on stage freeze: the Dark Web briefly rises from the orchestra pit, menacing porn music blends with the thunder, thunder and music fade as Dark Web descends again>

Random member of Chorus one: Look, kittens!

Random member of Chorus two: Look, someone over there needs to be shamed! Attack in a pack!

Random member of Chorus three: 93 percent of my friends won’t share this, I know who will…

Hero: I am injecting something thoughtful, kind, and funny, and only four people noticed.

<The intro to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” swells, getting louder and louder as the Reddit mascot runs onstage, and tackles Hero. The lights lower as the music gets louder, and the chorus confusedly mingles in chaos.>