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Episode 203: Smollop: The Sodder Children


Gareth: Wrangling ten kids during a fire?Dave: Not like you’ve ever done it.Gareth: Well…not ten!

No matter how bad your worst Christmas was, it

Episode 186: Smollop: John Dillinger’s Penis

Note: This episode entry is dedicated to Patton Oswalt. One, because he went to college at about the time I did, so the references will

Episode 148: Dollop: James Strang, Island Mormon

James Strang

He was basically treated like a canned ham. –Gareth King James, 1856 That looming forehead is just
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Episode 171: Dollop: The Jones County Deserters

episode 171

That’s a classic saying. Shoot a guy whose hands are full of baby. –Dave episode
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Gangsters and Archers

Pretty Boy Floyd

As Dave mentioned in episode 127, members of the Pierpont/Dillinger gang, Pretty Boy Floyd especially, were seen by some of the populace as a

Episode 127: Dollop: Bank Robber Harry Pierpont

Dave: Apparently Dillinger was going to use the bullwhip when he paid a visit to his former one-armed attorney who had run off with a

Episode 113: Dollop: Reg Spiers

He is the Hugh Glass of javelin throwing. –Dave …Who does he hurt, and why? –Gareth

Episode 92: Dollop: Owen Kildare

 Do you like pillow fuck meat? –Gareth In my imagination, this episode smells like sawdust, ball sweat, skunky beer, and just-turning meat. I think