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Episode 204: Live: The Modern Bushman

Gareth: He’s sharing a tree with a snake! Dave: It’s Australia.   Now, who was Rodney Ansell, the inspiration for the

Dollopween 30: Jim Harold’s Campfire: True Ghost Stories

Podcast and Podcaster: Jim Harold’s Campfire—True Ghost Stories, Campfire 283, Freaky EVP

The most chilling recorded EVP we’ve ever featured on the show, a

Dollopween 25: Faculty of Horror: The Power of Christ Compels You

Podcast and Podcaster: Faculty of Horror: Episode 31: The Power of Christ Compels You–The Exorcist, Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West Why I chose this

New audio recorded: A note for the Oswalt briefcase

Hosted by the lovely folks at Patreon. A story of a long ago, far away time, the 1970’s, when you could smoke in movie theaters,

Episode 174: Smollop: The Hard Hat Riot

Hard Hat Riot

Meany Meany Meany angry–Gareth George Meany’s profile at labor history in America timeline at That Peter Boyle movie, Joe,

I have a theory about our dear Rube Waddell…

Prince lollipop

Bear with me. It’s going to get real purple in here. I think our Rube Waddell came back to us and burned quick, bright

Hooray for Harriet!

Harriet is a fine name, a strong name. Two of my favorite heroines are named Harriet: The one who inspired me to be a voracious

Today is the greatest: April 14

Loretta Lynn

…with a nod to the Smashing Pumpkins, part of the soundtrack of the ’90’s. And that nod is ironic, in that April 14

But wait, there’s more (tickle, tickle)

The weird news around the Tickled Movie continues: People that have seen it at Sundance and praise it online are being harassed.