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Episode 132: Dollop: The Bone Wars

Dave: He was schooled in the Enlightment style of Genteel Amateurism. Gareth: Pornography. Dave: That is correct.   Not porno, paleo. Well, actually, paleo

Simpsons 3:16

Thanks to eagle-eyed fan Dan McIlroy, we can add one more bittersweet sighting of Rainbow Man to the collection: the Michael Jackson trial. Source:

Resources: American Crime Story (and a personal fable, boogeyman and all)

I was 22 years old when we all learned, to our national chagrin, two phrases: “slow speed chase” and “gavel to gavel coverage”.

Full circle, as usual, because…

MooSay it with me, Rubes… Everything’s connected! I told you so, and I will continue to do

Episode 128: Dollop: Nim the Chimp

Before we get started falling down the rabbit hole of ickiness, let me share some good people being nice and kind to these noble

Episode 133: Dollop: The Toxic Woman of Riverside

Dave: All of Gloria’s internal organs had been placed together in a plastic bag. Gareth: Maybe she was born that way.

The Giving of Thanks

Tomorrow, in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving, which, if you are a diligent listener and reader, isn’t what what we were taught. Let’s get

Dollopween 31: Happy Dollopween From Me and Paul Lynde

This is the most stupendously Dollopy finale I could possibly give for the very first ever annual Dollopween celebration. (Sorry. That was a lot of words doing too

Dollopween 30: Witchcraft Spells in Cosmopolitan

aka, continuing our account of How Rash Decisions Were in the 1970’s. So many things wrong. Faith into kitsch, or actually putting dangerous spells into