Continuing the 100th celebration

with a trip down memory lane into the psychotic forest, the forest I was growing before you even knew me. Don’t be afraid, I’m here.

11. The Lobotomist (okay, be afraid)

12. The Rube (the wonderful, the mighty, the goofy, the pitcher with a firetruck in his soul, our beloved Rube)

13. Colonial Teeth

14. Carry A Nation (her stripper name was Tiny Hatchet)

15. Ten Cent Beer Night (Nope)

16. The Two Daredevils (More nope, but with ramps!)

17. Rainbow Man (Crazy 3:16)

18. The Chameleon

19. Ferguson

20. David Hahn

Perfect photo thanks to author Jonathan Carroll via Facebook. Moo.

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This Bluestocking bookworm is your friendly Dollop web-wrangler and digital library curator. In other words, pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. I'm just here to John Nash all this stuff together. It's all about connections. IT'S ALL CONNECTED. I live atop a mountain, geographically isolated for the protection of others. Yes, an American mountain.