Happy Independence Day! (Dinosaurs fought the Civil War)

Emphasis on the happy, damn it.

I have decided to declare independence from stereotype and negativity. Not denying that the Southern United States–my South–is at a strange, volatile tipping point right now, with black churches burning again, arguments about the Confederate flag going to far in either direction (erasing it from 1970’s tv like it never existed? Editing history is very unDollopy.)…

So I thought today I would celebrate and declare a brief independence from all of that, and celebrate my home, the first permanent settlement in these United States, Virginia. It’s a beautiful, quirky, goofy place (really!), and it deserves to be celebrated! Why?

We are the actual home of and origin of the real Waltons family.

We have an alternative history museum, where dinosaurs fought the Civil War. Yes, really. It’s badass. 18m5g2r33b9oujpg We are home to the first First Lady who dared to dance in public. (I was married at her plantation.) It can be really, really lovely here.


We are one of the homes of Edgar Allan Poe.

Lunch with Mr. Poe. #books #bookstores #bookstagram #bookstagram101 #poe #horror #lynchburg #virginia

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More later, with more of my own photography of Colonial Williamsburg, Appomattox (which we see as a place of healing, not as the South’s last hurrah/obscene gesture to the North), George Washington’s home, Norfolk, etc. And our beautiful mountains. How I love our mountains.

See, don’t you feel a little better already? Don’t read the news today. Find something awesome, something Dollopy, out about where you live, and dig on it.

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