Dollopween 13: Thinking Sideways: Gloomy Sunday

Podcast and Podcasters: We return to Thinking Sideways and Devin, Joe, and Steve: Episode: Gloomy Sunday

In 1933, Hungarian pianist Rezső Seress composed a song titled Gloomy Sunday, but is now known as the Hungarian Suicide Song due to the reportedly high number of people who commit suicide while listening to it.

Why I chose it: What a delicious urban legend, and what a delightfully eerie idea. The added frisson of do you listen to it…?

Recommended reading: More fun with dangerous media…

And don’t forget to listen, if you dare…

Billie Holliday

Artie Shaw feat. Pauline Byrne

Mel Torme

Lydia Lunch (on Josh’s Blair Witch Mix Tape)

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