Dollopween 14: Generation Why: Original Night Stalker

Podcast and Podcaster: back to Generation Why, Justin Evans and Aaron Habel: Episode 155: The Original Night Stalker

In the mid to late 70’s, the East Area Rapist rapist was operating around East Sacramento, California. In the dark of night he would enter their homes and wake them. With a light shone in their faces, he growled commands through gritted teeth. Their wrists and ankles would be bound tightly with a diamond knot. Always one step ahead of authorities, he could not be stopped. Eventually he began to murder those he chose to attack. He has never been captured.

Why I chose this one: Justin and Aaron, as I have said, are top-notch podcasters (and Righteous Dudes, by the Book of Bueller). This episode is exceptionally eerie. For one thing, never-captured, free-range serial killer. Given the time frame, that means that somewhere out there, some man the age of my dad, who may have children my age, and grandchildren, has a secret trophy box in his workbench, or in his man cave, that no one is allowed to touch…and everyone in the family knows that sometimes Pop Pop likes to be alone when he gets that weird look in his eyes…


diamond knot lanyard, courtesy of

And two, the killer left horrifying answering machine messages, and the guys included one for your listening pleasure at the end of this episode. Turn up the volume and put in your earbuds for this one.

Sleep tight, chickies.

This entry is dedicated to the memory of Michelle McNamara, our friend Patton Oswalt‘s wife, who put so much work into trying to solve this case. Patton is working with others to complete and publish Michelle’s true crime book.

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