Dollopween 14: Phantom Clown from Nopetown

Okay, no surprise, the inner recesses of my hard drive are spooky. Even to me. I have moments of “did I save that?” and “I think my iMac is possessed” when I stumble across certain files. In this case, I went hunting for a news story–on phantom clowns–and I found this screencapture. I share it in its full glory with you, our Rubes, because Dollopween and clowns.

Good out of bad: The crazy neighbors are letting them know right out of the gate that they are crazy. Look out: serial killer alert. No trick or treating in this cul-de-sac, and don’t park in front of anyone else’s house. Curb your dog, bitch. Like a good neighbor, coulrophobia is there.


The original story that initiated this search was the Wasco phantom clowns. It’s no big deal, it turned it to be a photo art projectht_wasco_clown_3_kb_141014_4x3_992









Still here, coulrophobics?

Read more about repeating clown imagery and clown language: jokers, evil clowns, and phantom clowns at Loren Coleman’s fascinating site, Twilight Language.

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