Dollopween 16: AHS plus The Dollop

equals a fine fit, oddly enough.


  1. Murder House
  2. Asylum
  3. Coven
  4. Freak Show
  5. current season: Hotel

First, I must tattle on myself. If you are a regular reader, this will not surprise you at all. James Cromwell played a psychiatrist along the lines of our oogie Dr. Freeman in the Asylum season. He also played the farmer in Babe. So, every time his Asylum character said something horrifying, I echoed with his Babe line, “That’ll do, pig.” It added a delicious horror-laugh layer to the show.

You either laughed at that, and vow to do it yourself next time you watch, or you are now a little more worried about my mental health than you were. Both responses are correct.

Book recommendation for each AHS episode:

Murder House: House of Leaves * Mark Z. Danielewski

Asylum: Bad Karma (first in the Criminally Insane series) * Doug Clegg

Coven: The Magicians (first in The Magicians series) * Lev Grossman

Freak Show: A Choir of Ill Children * Tom Piccirilli

Hotel: The Shining * Stephen King (naturally)


And now, related Dollop episodes:

  1. Purity Balls
  2. Ghosts
  3. Vampire Panic
  4. Lobotomy
  5. The Talk Board
  6. Stomach Men
  7. Denver Spiderman
  8. Henry Heimlich
  9. Mike the Chicken
  10. Lobster Boy (his story was actually covered in Freak Show)
  11. Ugly Laws
  12. Goody Davis and Elizabeth Howell
  13. The 3 Jesuses

That’ll do, pig.

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