Dollopween 17: Sword and Scale: Joy Junction Sting

Podcast and Podcaster: Sword and Scale, Mike Boudet: Episode 20: Joy Junction Sting

Ronald William Brown was a ventriloquist puppeteer on a television program called Joy Junction, a variety show on the Christian Television Network. Last year he received a 20-year sentence for child pornography charges, but the real story is much more disturbing.
Brown along with 42 others were netted in a child porn sting that spanned two continents and perpetrators from every walk of life. Believe it or not, the worst part of the story isn’t that these individuals wanted to molest children. Instead, their online chat logs revealed a deep desire to murder, mutilate and eat their corpses too…captured in the eerily benign nature of their back and forth dialog, which has been recreated using computer voices for this program.

Why I chose this one: Mike Boudet has a way of sussing out the creepiest true crime cases; your ear is glued to the podcast, and when it is over, you make sure your doors are locked.
The specific paraphilia of these criminals–cannibalistic pedophilia–is beyond disturbing by itself, from the shadow world of Dr. Lechter‘s files and John Doe’s notebooks. Mike took that sexual bent and put it in a Shake’n’Bake bag with a David Fincher movie opening sequence scored by Trent Reznor:
He used computer voices to read the criminals’ online chat logs for your listening pleasure. Yes, he went there. Siri wants to have you over for dinner…with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
(This episode is not for everyone, it should go without saying.)

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