Dollopween 19: Faculty of Horror: Toil and Trouble

Podcast and Podcaster: Faculty of Horror, Andrea Subissati and Alexandra West: Episode 16, Toil and Trouble, Witches in Film

Why I chose this one: Horror movies are where history meets Halloween celebration. And the center of that particular dark-webbed Venn diagram is horror movies about witches and witchcraft. Faculty of Horror takes certain horror movies, or themes and motifs in horror movies, and drills down on them. Open wide. Here come the drill. Movies chosen for this episode on witches as protagonist/antagonist:

Recommended reading: The Lords of Salem, the novel, by Rob Zombie:

The book offers a different experience from the film since it can obviously go into much more detail. The book and the film really complement each other. –Rob Zombie

And recommended Dollop reading:

And, from last year’s Dollopween:

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