Dollopween 2: True Crime Garage: Slenderman

Podcast and Podcaster: True Crime Garage, Nic and The Captain

Episode: 24. Slenderman

May 31, 2014: Two 12 year old girls lure their “friend” into the woods only to attack and stab her multiple times. “They tried to kill her for the Slenderman.” Who is the Slenderman and truly why did these young girls comment such a horrific crime? Tonight we will venture into the garage and have a few beers and maybe just maybe we can make some sense of such a senseless act. To donate to the victim and her family, please go to

Why I chose this one: The Slenderman legend is eerie by itself. Add to it the fact that two junior high school students took one of the first internet urban legends and twisted it into a human sacrifice plot? Terrifying.

Also, The Captain and Nic are Awesome Dudes [tm], and I not-so-secretly wanna hang out in the garage and open their beers for them. Hashtag Intellectual Crush.

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