Dollopween 22: (Oofty) Goof(t)y Side of Halloween

Rubes understand that the macabre can also be silly, and that sometimes, doing it yourself is the best route to happiness.

My darling fellow Rubes, have a list of 13 things that embrace both sound philosophies! (aka, going deep in my weird Pinterest account, keep hands inside the ride)


  1. toilet face DIY: when you find the need to frighten your housemates, and you should find that need
  2. house on fire display
  3. Dementors decorations because nothing says Halloween like creatures that feed upon human happiness.
  4. Dracula’s dentures cookies recipe
  5. 21 different Halloween cocktails for the right spirit
  6. fanged pumpkins
  7. The Ring/The Grudge hair prank
  8. eyeball wreath
  9. DIY bloody handprints
  10. Frankenstein paper model to decorate your cube at work
  11. 23 fun ways to scare your kids–Rubes understands that Halloween friendly fire is part of an important, healthy upbringing for junior Rubes.
  12. gallon pail zombies
  13. gooey monster eye cookiesI need these in my life.

now get out there, frighten your loved ones, act the fool, and make me proud!

More Oofty Goofy Dollopween for your DIY pleasure, right this way

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