Dollopween 24: (Oofty) Goof(t)y Side of Halloween, Part 2

13 more silly meets macabre mini do-it-yourself’ers for the proper Rube Dollopween celebration, exhumed from the dank basement of my Pinterest boards. Freak out your kids, housemates, and the neighbors. Let’s do this! Oofty goofty! Wheat!

  1. vampire maps printables
  2. scary muffins to knit –I am so making these!
  3. bats to knit
  4. goofy candy corn banner to knit –making these too!
  5. eyeball pillow to crochet (only one that isn’t free–pattern is 3.99 on Etsy, but so awesome)
  6. haunted tree
  7. weird pumpkin stencils 
  8. vintage 1950’s Halloween recipes
  9. apple cider bourbon whiskey in the slow cooker, a special recipe just for you, nom nom
  10. tape and trash bag ghosts
  11. dragon mask from a milk jug instructions
  12. googly eyes wreath
  13. zombie doll knitting pattern — I am tempted to make this, and pin up his little parts as if I dissected him. Totally normal, right?

All free, all pretty simple. All slightly messed up, just as they should be.

how to knit instructions

how to crochet instructions

(Oofty) Goof(t)y Side of Halloween, Part 1

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