Dollopween 27: The Peripheral: Never Sleep Again

Podcast and Podcaster: The Peripheral, Justin Evans (of Generation Why)

Do you dread falling asleep at night? Maybe you know something is waiting for you once your consciousness slips into that darker astral plane. Over 70 million Americans suffer from sleeping disorders and that number is in the billions worldwide. Sleep and brain wave studies are still unlocking the secrets of the human mind but they don’t have all the answers yet. 

On this episode I’m joined by TJ and Erica. TJ finds himself locked inside his body unable to move but he knows he has to move because something coming. This is called sleep paralysis. 

Erica is caught in between sleep cycles and is able to move or talk while unconscious. The problems comes when her mind dreams up some terrifying scenario that she must escape from. She suffers from night terrors. 

Why I chose this one: Justin’s my friend and a fine podcaster. Otherwise, reread that description. That’s terrifying.

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