Dollopween 27: Two Sentences of Horror

Last October, my friend Ashley, who has known me since high school, challenged me to write a two-sentence horror story. BFJ (Best Friend @Joshua) egged her on, naturally.

I complied. Here are the fruits of their challenges and my labor:

  1. I live alone, and have not had any company for a while. On my camera phone, there are several photos of me, sleeping in my bed.

  2. (and my favorite of the two) He says it’s time to go hunting. I’m supposed to help him find a girl to take my place in the box.

Goodreads is hosting their own Dollopween of sorts this week, calling it HorrorWeek, and they have asked horror authors who are members to write their own. Lois Duncan, a fine writer of young adult horror, turned in this nasty gem:


Care to take a spin, just two eerie turns ’round the floor? Just two. I promise. I know the corner of the dance hall are most dark and uninviting, but you must honor your dancecard requests, mustn’t you? Just put your hand in mine, and look into my eyes, there, like that, don’t be afraid, and off we go, right foot left foot, now tell me a story…

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