Dollopween 30: Jim Harold’s Campfire: True Ghost Stories

Podcast and Podcaster: Jim Harold’s Campfire—True Ghost Stories, Campfire 283, Freaky EVP

The most chilling recorded EVP we’ve ever featured on the show, a demon, ghost stories, and one specifically that feature a practical joking spirit who liked to make his presence known in a most, ahem, unusual way.

Why I chose this one:

The most chilling recorded EVP we’ve ever featured on the show

That’s why. Buckle up, buttercup.

Recommended reading:

And since this is Mischief Night, let me add some extra seasoning, and link to my personal true ghost stories here at The Dollop Dot Net. If you get too spooked, come join me. I’ll be the one under the Nightmare Before Christmas Sally blanket rewatching (for the 9458835 time) Session 9. WAKE UP. Maybe, in the flavor of this post, I will double-feature with White Noise. Yes, that tastes good.

Happy night before Halloween, Rubes. I have a most excellent surprise for you tomorrow. Love you. Be good.

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