Dollopween 30: Witchcraft Spells in Cosmopolitan

aka, continuing our account of How Rash Decisions Were in the 1970’s.

So many things wrong. Faith into kitsch, or actually putting dangerous spells into the mitts of dumb bra-burning broads…it’s just tacky all the way ’round. Minus extra points for using the phrase “modern sorcerers”.

Also, the “freeze your rival” chick looks like she is getting ready to cast a spell using a striped old-school Easy Bake Oven. And the “torrid love affair” chick looks like she is awaiting the results of a pregnancy test, yes?

Cosmopolitan, 1973:

Look, love spells are invasive, just ask Xander. Kinda rapey.

As strangely disrespectful as this spooky layout is, it might be the most practical advice column ever printed in Cosmo. So there’s that.

Oh, well, let’s rock our way into Mischief Night with my favorite Halloween jam since I was a wee college freshman, all those eons ago: Concrete Blonde’s “Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)”.

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