Dollopween 4: Sword and Scale: Morgan Ingraham

Bonus: two for one!

Podcast and Podcaster: Sword and Scale, Mike Boudet

Episodes: 11: Morgan Ingraham and 12: Morgan Ingraham, Aftermath

episode 11:

episode 12:

When Morgan’s car was keyed in 2011, a bizarre narrative began to unfold which consisted of a maniac serial-stalker who would terrorize the Ingram family for months.  This methodical madman with unbelievable speed and agility was able to go undetected for months, according to Morgan Ingram’s mother, Toni, despite several attempts to catch him and an array of video cameras strewn around the Ingram household.  Despite over nine calls to police, this psycho stalker, who Toni Ingram is convinced was a neighborhood boy, devised a plan to gain access to the Ingram home, subdue and murder Morgan with the same drug she was prescribed, and then make his exit without Morgan’s parents or two dogs noticing

Don’t let anyone spoil this story for you. I suggest not even clicking through to S&S and reading full synopses or comments until listening. Don’t even scroll down to look at my recommended reading, trust me, the reveal is worth it.

Why I chose this one: Mike Boudet is one of the Good Guys, and pulls no punches and plays no tricks in order to tell a good story. He also doesn’t try to protect his audience from the icky details, which is refreshing. Also, what’s more horrifying than a stalker, someone who knows everything you are doing, everywhere you are, who could be anywhere?

After you listen to these episodes, you will be able to answer my question.

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