Dollopween 6: Generation Why: Lori Erica Ruff

Podcast and Podcaster: The Generation Why Podcast, Aaron Habel and Justin Evans

Episode: 93, Lori Erica Ruff


Lori Erica Ruff. In 2010, a woman in Texas named Lori Ruff parked her Tahoe in the driveway of the house where her estranged husband Blake had been living since he had walked out on her after their relationship had soured. The house belonged to his parents and it was his father who discovered her…

Why I chose this one: First off, Aaron and Justin are new friends of mine, for full disclosure. They’ve been friends with each other for many years, and their rapport fuels their podcast. But more than that, Generation Why is tightly researched and delivered with a passion for true crime and mystery.

But this case, above all, horrified me, so much so that I posted it to a while ago, which started quite the conversation. When someone asked me what made it creepy rather than just interesting, I commented:

The implications are creepy: he had a child with a mystery. Started a home, raised a family, shared his most private moments with a stranger.

Imagine. The person in your home, preparing your food, accessing your bank account, with you in your most vulnerable moments…you find out that no one has any idea who that person is. No one. All those nights he slept soundly with her next to him, had sex with her…

Just let that twist around in your brainpan for a while–

From sanctity to nightmare.

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