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The Dollop Dot Net is a strange place, much like Wonderland. Sometimes, you need a map. (Landscapes change, no promises made about that, we’re all mad here.)

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my Patreon: please help me with growing website costs. Here’s the edited version of the description from the Patreon site:

Hosting: February 28, 2016, thedollop.net was moved by my host to a VPS server. Good news: I have more wiggle room, I don’t have to worry about heavy traffic affecting server neighbors, and you should definitely see a faster delivery of pages, images, and media files. Bad news: I have a grace period of 30 days, then my hosting fees will jump from 11 dollars to 55 dollars per month.

Income: As I stated in my bio, I am chronically ill, and suffer from intractable pain. I cannot return to work, and my attorney and I are in the process of proving that to the Social Security Board. So my income is extremely limited. (I also have to wear spiffy braces on my fingers to type; pics upon request.) Writing for and working on thedollop.net is a positive outlet for me, and is a healthy tether with y’all in the outside world. Plus, it keeps my funny bone polished.

Future: I hope to branch out and, once my disability application is finally accepted and this Patreon is stable as well (you lovely Rubes), start my own storytelling podcast. I have researched it, and there’s nothing else quite like it. I have it outlined and ready to start, it just needs love and attention and better equipment. But, one thing at a time.

CarlaOkay, I want money for my writing. Yeah, yeah, so does everyone else. Point made. So here’s some of my favorite entries:

Episode 70: Anthony Comstock

Episode 53: The Battle of the Pants

Resources: American Crime Story (and a personal fable, boogeyman and all)

Episode 41: Samuel Whittemore

Episode 28: The Talk Board

Episode 143: The Broderick-Terry Duel

One hour later: edited to add Episode 149: John Wayne Thompson’s Armageddon, because I had a great deal of fun compiling that one. Also, ZZTop.

And edited again 3/13 to add an example of one of the more difficult, serious, and longer entries I had to write: Episode 86: Tom Dennison and the Omaha Riots (the Red Summer of 1919)

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This Bluestocking bookworm is your friendly Dollop web-wrangler and digital library curator. In other words, pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. I'm just here to John Nash all this stuff together. It's all about connections. IT'S ALL CONNECTED. I live atop a mountain, geographically isolated for the protection of others. Yes, an American mountain.