Episode 104: Dollop: The Hippo Plot

Another time, he floated down a river disguised as a dead cow.

Congressman Robert Foligny Broussard + water hyancith = the cane toads and bunnies nightmares, only with giant animals. Giant, giant, hippos.



Wired: Hippopotamus Ranching

Scientific American: The Hunger Game: How Hippos Nearly Invaded American Cuisine

Duquesne on safari (photo from Field and Stream, 1909)

Duquesne on safari (photo from Field and Stream, 1909)

American Hippopotamus * Jon Mooallem


…and, because our beloved Bully was involved, here’s the account of the time the big game hunter Prez hunted Bigfoot: Teddy Roosevelt: Sasquatch Hunter * Gayne C. Young

Burnham after his investiture with the cross of the Distinguished Service Order by King Edward VII. The black armband was worn in mourning for the recent death of Queen Victoria. London, 1901.

Burnham: The black armband was worn in mourning for the recent death of Queen Victoria. London, 1901. That large penile item may or may not be his sword, or his manhood.

I suggest that Teddy is the mascot President of The Dollop. All in favor, Rubes say aye.


And now, I continue my quest to prove that everything is connected, by weaving some spiderwebs that I guarantee will be woven in and rewoven in over and over to spell Rube messages.


Burnham’s daughter, Nada (1894-1896), was the first white child born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She was named for the H. Rider Haggard story Nada the Lily. Haggard dedicated three books to her after her death: The Wizard; Elissa or, The Doom Of Zimbabwe (Illustrated); and Black Heart and White Heart.

When his youngest son, Bruce, drowned in the Thames River, his other son, Roderick, in California, awoke screaming from a nightmare in which Bruce died drowning. I’m just sayin’.

Finally, his cousin, Charles Burnham, was one of the founders of the NAACP. And, of course, Burnham inspired the founder of the Boy Scouts, Robert Baden-Powell:

Burnham: King of Scouts * Peter van Wyk

A Splendid Savage: The Restless Life of Frederick Russell Burnham * Steve Kemper

Hippo asses. Want a sandwich? Hungry yet?

Hippo asses. Want a sandwich? Hungry yet?



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