Episode 111: Smollop: The Emu War

Sheep are the new wheat.




I learned a new phrase that I didn’t need to learn: nuisance wildlife management. Ick.

Wikipedia made up for it, though, with its clinical humor:

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 6.40.35 PM

Emu were participants, and, as victims and victors, deserve to be listed, and listed first. I salute you, Wikipedia.











Plus, this is one of the magical Dollops that connects to another Dollop, proving my tinfoil hat theory that everything is connected. Again, thank you, Wikipedia:

The emus consumed and spoiled the crops, as well as leaving large gaps in fences where rabbits could enter and cause further problems.

The bunnies and the emus were in CAHOOTS.

Invasive species CAHOOTS.

Excuse me while I roll around on the rug, cackling madly and hugging myself.

Understand that I am hooting the word CAHOOTS in true Greg Behrendt style.

whew. I needed that.

Article and video at Scientific American

ABC.net.AU: Long Story Short


Codicil: Meredith had to throw some racism in there, comparing the emus to “Zulus”. Just admit you fucked up, shut your mouth, and go home.

Besides, they are not like Zulus, racist analogy-maker. Dave’s right; they are like Michael Myers.


Bands from this episode:

  • Emu Squatters
  • Chaise Buffet
  • Beak Bounties
  • Scouts and Slingshots
  • Laughing in the Wheat
  • Beak and Roll (opened once for the Reigning Monarchs)


(Other) cultural references from this episode:

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