Episode 133: Dollop: The Toxic Woman of Riverside

Dave: All of Gloria’s internal organs had been placed together in a plastic bag.

Gareth: Maybe she was born that way.


I have one comment about this episode: Sometimes, Fox Mulder is right.

Well, almost always right.

Well, almost always right.


I have a David Duchovny nude that I was so tempted to use as the cheeky I-told-you-so, but this episode is about someone’s death, so I slowed my own roll. Time and place, people.

Let me take a moment to look at that picture again, however.

Okay, back with you, Rubes. Momma’s gotta take care of Momma.

governmental coverup clusterfuck (which is fun to say): mass hysteria (ep 120: The Mad Gasser, ep 76: Australian Exorcists), DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide)

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 4.40.02 PM

Pro Tip: When everyone involved says no government conspiracy is involved, and then one of the officials–Stephanie Albright, Deputy Coroner–entangled in the secret-keeping commits suicide…here there be lies.

Look, you know what was more important that your little meth lab network? Gloria Ramirez (1963-1994), a Latina wife and mother, who volunteered at her kids’ elementary school. Stephanie Albright, who was younger than I am now, and a mother, and who was just trying to to live this one splendid, complicated life with this rest of us, and do her government job to support her family. So, fuck you, “Reverse-side Hospital”, Riverside County, and Riverside Coroner’s Office. Hope that month’s batch was some good shit.

Her Wikipedia article mentions that her death influenced one scene of The X-Files, but with no further information. Any super fans know which episode? I’ll cough up the Duchovny nude.

Discover magazine article: Analysis of a Toxic Death

Band names from this episode:

  • Bucket of Bleach (Nirvana cover band)
  • Toxic Punch
  • Coroner Hill
  • Smell of Death
  • College Chemists

Cultural references (so many):

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