Episode 16: Dollop: The Two Daredevils

It’s the one thing sadder than being a comedian.

Evel Knievel at findagraveEvel Knievel, buried in Butte, Montana, where he was born

So Much Evel Knievel Stuff

ABC Wide World Of Sports: 40 Years Of Glory

Wide World of Sports Bloopers

Evel played himself on the “Motorcycle Boogie” episode of The Bionic Woman:

Jaime is in West Germany on the trail of a stolen computer tape. She crosses the Iron Curtain with the help from motorcycle stunt man Evel Knievel, though she refuses to believe he is who he claims to be.

I miss the ’70, y’all. What an awesome, technicolor time to be a kid.

The Last of the Gladiators: Evel Knievel

Viva Knievel!

The Devil at Your Heels

Even the doll--excuse me, ACTION FIGURE--looks nervous. That's a red flag.

Even the doll–excuse me, ACTION FIGURE–looks nervous. That’s a red flag.

Another flying car. From IMDb:

[Kenny Powers] attempted to jump the St. Lawrence Seaway from Canada into the United States on 5 October 1979 in a jet-powered Lincoln Continental with wings. Powers, a replacement for Ken Carter (whom was suspected by the film crew hired to shoot the stunt of “chickening out”) traveled just 506 feet, broke eight vertebrae, three ribs, and a wrist.

And here it is, folks, the Kenny Powers St. Lawrence footage does exist:

The full story: Wrong Man, Right Time
One of Kenny Powers’ stunts is apparently in the infamous Faces of Death II. From someone who will likely never watch it, would anyone like to enlighten me? Hey, what can I say? I can watch the most brutal horror movies, and I have had my own corpse in forensics class, but I don’t play with either simulated or possibly real animal pain or death. Can’t do it. The FoD series were legendary in high school and college for that very thing, so, color me chicken. Cluck, cluck.

Dave has much better hair.

Ken Carter and his ramp. (Dave has much better hair.)

And, for your grand finale:
Greg Garrison Presents The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Men of the Hour: Evel Knievel & Mr. T

Bands from this episode:

  • Cow Palace
  • Sharkjump
  • Deathcar Pension
  • Skim Accordion
  • Wingwalker
  • Ken Carter’s Hair

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