Episode 160: Smollop: Fed Ex Fight 705

He put the lie in fly.

case law: UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee v. Auburn CALLOWAY, Defendant-Appellant (116 F.3d 1129)

Cockpit Recorder Voice DataBase: the recording that Calloway tried to thwart twice, if you are into listening to attempted murders. Have at it.

Hijacked: The Real Story of the Heroes of Flight 705 * Dave Hirschman

Hugh Glass in a cockpit


other referenced episodes: The Pendragon, The Radium Girls

more on workplace violence (which, as I’ve mentioned before, was originally known colloquially as “going postal”, because some of the first workplace violence incidences were post office workers’ shooting their coworkers):

Going Postal: Rage, Murder, and Rebellion: From Reagan’s Workplaces to Clinton’s Columbine and Beyond * Mark Ames

For once, I can’t make my “not actual crime scene” joke, because HOLY G-FORCE VOMITBAGS

ACTUAL crime scene

ACTUAL crime scene

Decompress from that fucking barrel roll in a DC-10 by watching this dramatization from Discovery Channel Canada’s show Mayday:

Bands from this episode:

  • Flight Protocol (first charting hit “Guitar Case of Doom”)
  • Claw Hammer
  • Surprise Hammers (one-hit wonder, huge anthem rock hit: “Treated Like a Nail”)

Cultural references from this episode (so many movies):

Like any good horror fan, I have to leave you with another cliffhanging scare. Dig how many aviation accidents and “incidents” were logged in that same year alone:


I changed my mind, let’s end with some funny emergency endings: Airplane! and Airplane 2: The Sequel.

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