Episode 23: Dollop: The Willie Dee

Time out, Willie Dee. Go to the corner, and think about what you’ve done.


William D. Porter DD-579, aka that time we shot a torpedo at our own president by accident. Yep. Also, the only time an entire Navy crew was arrested. So many firsts and onlys for the scrapbook.

Fletcher class destroyer, built Consolidated Steel CorporationOrange, Texas

  • Laid down: 7 May 1942
  • Launched:27 September 1942
  • Commissioned: 6 July 1943
  • Struck: 11 July 1945

Willie Dee and the Battle of Okinawa

Cracked: The Five Craziest War Stories All Happened on the Same Ship

the other ship involved in one of the fiascos: the USS Iowa BB 61


Perhaps the only boat ever sunk by an underwater kamikaze who was already dead…like, the previous day dead. RIP USS William D. “Animal House” Porter.

Band names from this episode:

  • White House Boom
  • SS College
  • Learning Boat
  • The Balloon Run

Cultural references from this episode:

Two regulars: National Lampoon’s Animal House and Caddyshack

This really is the USS Caddyshack. Really.

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