Episode 24: Dollop: John Africa

Yahweh on the highway, baby.


The Move Organization is alive and well, and have their own website. Here is their treatise on their leader, John Africa; it is definitely worth a read, and is fraught with capital letters. Very excited, it is.

A whole bunch of videos collected from their site, from one minute to one hour long, as well.

PBS: Jason Osder’s documentary Let the Fire Burn
documentary trailer
post-screening talk with Ramona Africa, Jason Osder, and Officer James Berghaier, who continues to suffer from PTSD and grief from the Mother’s Day Move police action (I don’t know what to call it–“police action” sounds so white of me, I apologize, but I will leave it for the sake of honesty, to show how difficult it still is to discuss race relations and police and politician corruption and violence:

Oxford African American Studies Center: beautifully done instructional photo essay about the 1985 Move Incident

Oh, and that Ira Einhorn guy, that be-bopped in to John Africa’s co-op, claimed Earth Day, and be-bopped out again?

Yeah, thanks to my fascination with true crime, I know all about “The Unicorn”. He thought of himself as a mover and shaker in the counterculture, and tried to rub elbows with those that were, like Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Then he just wasn’t there anymore, and neither was his sweet, pretty girlfriend, Holly Maddux. In 1979, Holly’s body was found in a steamer trunk in Einhorn’s abandoned apartment. Einhorn was chilling in the south of France. He was not tried until 2002, but finally received life without parole.

24: John Africa: Holly Maddux

Holly Maddux

Oh, those two mayors involved?

Frank Rizzo, police commissioner from 1968 to 1971, and mayor from 1972 to 1980. And yeah, he was a charmer. As quoted in Time magazine:

Just wait after November, you’ll have a front row seat because I’m going to make Attila the Hun look like a faggot.

Well, that’s all I need to know. Using vile bigoted slurs, and planning on raping and pillaging? That is a campaign slogan for the ages.

Wilson Goode, first African-American mayor of Philadelphia, (1984–1992) mayor during the Move police action and house bombing: he of the famous statement “let the fire burn”, he who destroyed an entire cul-de-dac of homes on Mother’s Day

Both peaches. Just peaches.

Bands from this episode:

  • Dust Guns
  • Cloaked in Vomit
  • Overwhelming Debt (mostly play the dirty blues)
  • Danny Louisiana
  • Housing, Inc.
  • FreeZoo
  • Larry Africa

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