Episode 254: Smollop: The Hobos of Iceland

Dave: So then the volcano goes off–

Gareth: I’m seeing the problem.

Knock, Knock!

Yes, I listened to Björk while writing this entry. I’m a good fan, that’s why. Which? Homogenic. I’m going hunting…I’m the hunter…I’ll bring back the goods…Apropos, yes?

So many splendiferous books by Alde Sigmundsdóttir:

Let’s review our terminology of wandering peoples, shall we?

  • hobos: they travel and work
  • tramps: they travel and don’t work (aka vagabonds)
  • bums: they don’t work and stay put

and then there’s troubadour: perhaps (?) more pleasing to the ear and to the intellect; most likely just as odiferous

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Project Gutenberg: Grettir the Outlaw by Sabine Baring-Gould

“You win some, you lose some” is not an appropriate foreign policy.

Christian X of Denmark was the only monarch of Iceland (where he was known as Kristján X), where he ruled from 1918 to 1944. Rose: During World War II, he helped finance the transport of Danish Jews to unoccupied Sweden and therefore saved their lives. Thorn: He turned the mentally ill in Iceland into hobos–“forced drifting” as a mental health plan.

Volcanology of Iceland

A History of Humanity’s Disgusting Hygiene

etymology of “filthy rich”

Band names from this episode:

  • Between Jobs
  • The King’s Vagrants
  • Ashy Beets–first top-ten hit was “Hobo Nights”–you might remember it from an episode of Miami Vice
  • Yelp of Mouth–one-hit wonder “Bodies in the Streets”

Cultural references from this episode:


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