Episode 3: Dollop: Competitive Endurance Tickling

I think it’s a natural progression for her to compare tickling to the Holocaust.

Are you coming to the Weekend of Tickles?

Welcome to the world of paraphilias, darlings. (My college degrees are showing, sorry. Let me tuck that back in. –Carla)

Let’s play a quick game with search engines, and then I shall flush my browser history, I think. Ready, go!

I am old enough to remember the Terri Tickle messages on Usenet newsgroups. I noticed them because, at the time, I actually was a Boston University student, as she claimed to be. Also, I remember things that I have no reason to remember. Which is how I became your website curator. So, there’s that.


Video posted on the Facebook by Dave and Gareth, of a Jane O’Brien tickle competition teaser:

More Jane O’Brien (who is really Terri DiSisto who is really David D’Amato owwww ice cream headache) on vimeo

David Farrier’s Kickstarter to make a documentary about this snail trail of domain names, fake corporations, and lies to cover for this one public school educator who just wants to tickle your sons, y’all.

And that creepy dude that Dave and Gareth said would be creeped out by D’Amato? John Wayne Gacy, ladies and gentlemen. Yes, Gacy would have definitely told D’Amato to slow his roll.

I used this book in grad school:

On Kissing, Tickling, and Being Bored: Psychoanalytic Essays on the Unexamined Life

I include this Kindle book because the stock photo chosen for the cover made me laugh every time I looked at it. The anguish! The stress! Lady, you didn’t lose your health insurance or wreck your car. Oy: How To Stop Being Ticklish

I’ve never been so glad to be a woman, because I am off this guy’s radar. But that does put me on this guy’s radar. Cue cantankerous old lady voice: “In my day, tickling was for making people laugh, not for all this sex nonsense. If we wanted to tickle, we tickled. If we wanted to fuck, we fucked. If we wanted to do both, we did both, without all this subterfuge nonsense. Now get off my lawn!”

For the above link, I had originally used magic-t.com, who has been around long enough to have trafficked in tickling VHS videos, but he is gone–his store, his forum, gone. Why?

The rabbit hole is bottomless, y’all. He’s gone because David D’Amato sued him out of existence. (Cue soundbite of Gareth’s saying, “What the actual fuck?!”)

Yep. D’Amato v. Starr, 5/18/2006:

Parties Receiving Legal Threat:

David W. Starr; Magic Touch Productions; Kent Barclay; GoDaddy.com; Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. D/B/A Directnic.com; Blogspot.com; Google.com; Blogger.com; Pyra.com, Ltd.; ThePlanet.com; Computer Tyme Hosting

Read that again, more closely. He sued Google, Blogger, ThePlanet, GoDaddy…over tickling! Something that is supposed to be fun and silly.

I can’t even. Really, get off my lawn. I think I need a drink. Carla out.


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  • King Twink
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