Episode 45: Smollop: Lobster Boy

You are just like your ticket-taking momma!


1937-1992 (murdered), buried in Showmans Rest Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ectrodactyly: Horrifically, the etymology of this word is “abortion finger”. That escalated quickly. Couldn’t we have started slow and gentle with “fusion hand”?

humanmarvels.com/Grady Stiles Jr.

Yes, that was Grady Stiles, Jr. depicted in the opening credits of American Horror Story: Freak Show:

AHS: Freak Show opening credits

AHS: Freak Show opening credits

full opening AHS credits:


Evan Peters played the AHS: Freak Show character with ectrodactyly, Jimmy Darling. And, yes, the show addressed claw-banging. Boy, howdy, did it.

Lobster Boy * Fred Rosen

Cruel & Unusual: the Bizarre Life and Ugly Death of Grady Stiles, the Lobster Boy * Erik Hedegaard

Freaks [HD]

Bound by Flesh

Carnivale: Season 1

Big Fish [HD]

American Horror Story: Freak Show

American Freakshow: The Terrible Tale of Sloth Boy

Grady’s daughter, Cathy Berry: her IMDb entry

Band names from this episode:

  • Fruit Stand Element
  • Double Genitals
  • Plowing a Torso
  • Claw-Banged
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