Episode 49: Dollop: Marvin Heemeyer

It’s now a Stephen King movie.


Footage exists!

Heemeyer’s feud with City Hall, archived by the Wayback Machine

Marvin-Heemeyer.com is a thing. So, yeah.

He’s also featured on badassoftheweek.com.

So many cultural references:
Falling Down
National Lampoon’s Animal House
Jersey Shore Season 1
MTV Cribs Season 17
Buster Keaton – Short Films Collection: 1920 – 1923 (3-Disc Ultimate Edition)
Pacific Rim
Friday the 13th

    Band names for this episode:

  • Falling Down
  • Killdozer
  • Heemeyer Rage
  • Dozerrage
  • Rampage
  • Mountainview Mufflers

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