Episode 61: Dollop: The Sandbar Fight

Two shots missed?…How about biscuits?

Jim Bowie

Is Jim Bowie holding brass knuckles?

So many shenanigans went on that the Wikipedia article for the Sandbar fight duel has a participants chart. My bad, I thought an American duel was supposed to be between two men, and their seconds. But hey, I’m a chick. What do I know.

The Bowie Knife: Unsheathing an American Legend * Norm Flayderman

James Bowie at the alamo.org

Jim Bowie at findagrave, 1796-1836, San Antonio, Texas

Rezin BowieRezin’s listed occupations at Wikipedia (I love this, I relish this):

Adventurer (treasure hunter, smuggler, slave trader, land speculator),

soldier, inventor, cattleman, sugar planter, legislator

As my great-grandfather used to say, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Rezin Pleasant Bowie at findagrave, 1793-1841, New Orleans, Louisiana

And is it just me, or does Rezin look an awful lot like the actor Victor Garber? He does. I call time traveler!

And remember, boys and girls, there’s no basement at the Alamo.

Band names from this episode:

  •  Sword Cane
  • Murder Picnic
  • Remember the Alamo
  • Bowie Knife

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