Episode 67: Smollop: Bummer and Lazarus

They are like the Kardashians!


Historic tails of S.F. denizens Bummer and Lazarus

Mark Twain, the San Francisco Daily Morning Call, July 31, 1864: “Another Lazarus

Mark Twain’s eulogy for Bummer, The Californian, November 11, 1865: “Exit Bummer
The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (Annotated) * Mark Twain — If you haven’t read this, treat yourself. Excellent American literature, and deeply funny and clever to boot.

Bummer and Lazarus’ entry in the Encyclopedia of San Francisco

The boys have a gin named after them. Awesome. If you have some, let us know if it is any good. It has cinnamon bark in it. Bark. Bark! Yeah, I know, lame.

More San Francisco Memoirs 1852-1899: The Ripening Years * Malcolm E. Barker
Bummer & Lazarus: San Francisco’s Famous Dogs * Malcolm E. Barker and Edward Jump
The Odd Couple


Band names from this episode:

  • Bummer and Lazarus (or Bummer-Lazarus, like Sleater-Kinney)
  • The Odd Couple
  • Twain Frog

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