Episode 68: Dollop: Centralia

And then the fire started.

One of the legal/political things about being American that bugs me the most: eminent domain. *insert angry Buttercup punching and flying here*

Molly Maguires and their alleged cover organization, “The Ancient Order of Hibernians” (AOH)
The Murder of Alexander W. Rea and the Trial and Execution of Patrick Hester, Patrick Tully and Peter McHugh: The Columbia County Mollie Maguires: A Full-text Primary Resource on 19th Century Pennsylvania History at Bloomsburg University

TCentraliahe movies and games inspired by this hot mess (see what I did there?):

Silent Hill
Silent Hill: Revelation


Silent Hill HD Collection – Xbox 360
Silent Hill HD Collection – Playstation 3

More mining disaster horror for your viewing pleasure: My Bloody Valentine: original (1981) and remake (2009)

And, because I have to (I have to!):
Coal Miner’s Daughter – 25th Anniversary Edition (the Sissy Spacek movie)
Loretta Lynn: Coal Miner’s Daughter (her autobiography)

Cultural references from this episode:

Band names from this episode:

  •  Follow the Canary
  • Molly Maguires
  • Kelly the Bum
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