Episode 87: Dollop: Action Park!

Maybe they should just open Action Park inside a hospital.


A commercial, which does thrill me, but I also prefer Gareth’s jingle:

…and the Cannonball Loop in action:

Information behind the above video. This ride has become almost an urban legend in New Jersey.

So much so that Action Park is even featured on WeirdNJ, which shares that locals refer to it as “Traction Park.” Good call, y’all. Slightly chagrined I didn’t see that play on words first. Kudos.

Buzzfeed: 35 Horror Stories That Prove that Action Park Was the Most Dangerous Park Ever

And, the guys mentioned both horror movies and Stephen King novels? Right on both counts, Dave and Gareth:

Amusement park horror movies:

Final Destination 3
Free teaser: Final Destination 3 Scene: Let Me Off
Let me off this ride!

The Funhouse (Tobe Hooper)

Dark Ride

For your Stephen King seasoning: Joyland (Hard Case Crime Book 112)

And, like any good horror protagonist, it knows that the end is never the end…

It’s baaaack: NY Post, 2014:

Six deaths. Countless injuries. Criminal charges related to an insurance fraud scheme. Numerous lawsuits. Bankruptcy. Welcome to Action Park.

Really, the boogeyman is back, just like Michael Myers. Dave was right:

Bands from this episode:

  • Reckless Youths
  • Accident Park
  • Death Awaits
  • Bloody Big Gulp
  • The Grave Pool



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