Friend of the Dollop Raffle!

Our sister site, MFMReplay Dot Org, is holding a Valentine’s Day raffle. Behold!

Fans of MFM are inspired to be quite crafty by Karen Kilgariff’s and Georgia Hardstark’s catchphrases. For example:

  • You’re in a cult; call your dad.
  • Stay sexy, don’t get murdered.
  • Stay out of the forest, get a job, don’t get murdered.

And to honor the podcast’s mascot, Elvis the cross-eyed, highly vocal Siamese cat: Elvis, wanna cookie?

Winners of the raffle will receive these nifty crafted items! Check it out, and check out our new sister site, by the fabulous Scottlynn Briggs. I’m entering, so if you don’t enter, I win it allllllllll, which means I become even cockier than I already am, and You. Don’t. Want. That. So enter and defeat me.

About Elvis…not maligning the poor puddy. The adorable little bastard really is cross-eyed. Again, behold!

Having a night in with my boy. #elvisthesiamese #siamesecat #siamese #crosseyedcat

A photo posted by Elvis The Cross Eyed Siamese (@elvisandmimi) on

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