Happy Thanksgiving, from Tisquantum and The Dollop

first, Episode 35: Tisquantum (not “Squanto”), rat-catcher’s yellow, and racism. Yay! Happy Thanksgiving!

then: the first American Thanksgiving was in 1610 in Virginia, yes indeedy. Quoting myself, if I may:

The first American Thanksgiving was actually in Jamestown, Virginia in 1610. 490 settlers starved over an incredibly difficult winter, and only 60 people met the ship bearing food. They gave a thanksgiving prayer service and celebration meal. Boom. First Thanksgiving.

the starving time winter of 1609-1610:

[George] Percy wrote, “Then, having fed upon horses and other beasts as long as they lasted, we were glad to make shift with vermin, as dogs, cats and mice.” There were charges of cannibalism: Starving settlers dug up “dead corpses outt of graves” to eat them, and others “Licked upp the Bloode which ha[d] fallen from their weake fellowes.”Jamestown Rediscovery archaeologists in 2012 uncovered the first forensic evidence of survival cannibalism in a European colony in North America.

Pass the turkey!

Before we go, let us pause and ask the solemn question that must arise every year on this fine occasion:


Why is Franklin sitting by himself? Why didn’t kind, progressive Linus say something about the black kid sitting ALL BY HIMSELF?

(Licked upp the Bloode)


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