Independence Day heroes: Here’s a little ditty about Sam and Debbie

In other words, two Americans during the Revolutionary War who decided they were going to do it their way, forget the status quo, damn the torpedoes!

That’s the true American way, and that gets lost sometimes. So here’s to perhaps the first man and woman to show that American grit when we were declaring our independence from Great Britain and the King, a truly revolutionary act:

41: Samuel WhittemoreSamuel Whittemore, the oldest known colonial combatant in the Revolutionary War, who could possibly be the origin for “Git off my lawn!”

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82: Deborah SampsonDeborah Sampson, the first woman officially recognized by the United States government as serving in the Army, who walked home after battle from Rhode Island to Massachusetts with a healing sword wound in her head, then successfully fought the government for her military pension. No big deal.

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This entry is dedicated to my history teacher from high school, Sherrill Curtis. I was lucky enough to have him for two years–Ancient History and European History. I didn’t work nearly hard enough for him. Yes, I have actually apologized. No, he is not the reason I am so strange, but yes, he can be credited for my passion for seeking out the oddities behind the facts in history. Yes, I am proud to call him my friend. Mr. Curtis, rockin’ the Facebook.

(P. S. and don’t forget, dinosaurs may or may not have fought for the South in the War Between the States.)

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