My Unexcused Absence

I am sorry, my lovelies, for no content this weekend. I hate it when fibro and EDS win, but sometimes they do. I overextended myself yesterday, and then fell today. I am okay–hyperextended both wrists and one elbow, hurt one knee. I am typing this with one finger which is driving me bonkers.
I shall return tomorrow with episode content and Australia content, body be damned. Until then…anyone know how to make pajamas out of bubble wrap?

About Carla

This Bluestocking bookworm is your friendly Dollop web-wrangler and digital library curator. In other words, pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. I'm just here to John Nash all this stuff together. It's all about connections. IT'S ALL CONNECTED. I live atop a mountain, geographically isolated for the protection of others. Yes, an American mountain.