One Year! And New Business Site

First: all business inquiries (which is a lovely way to say gimme tour dates and merch!) Now have their own digital home: I will be putting the link in the navigation menus and footer straightaway.


Group pic! I have no idea who those other people are behind Gareth, Dave and I. They weren’t there at the time. Ghosts?

Originally posted on the Facebook page June 14, 2016:

Today, one year ago, went live. I had so hoped to whip up an anniversary post (along with more episode posts), but my defective immune system intervened. I will do so, it just won’t be timely.

Until then, I shall allow my medication to make me wax mushy. Thank you to all y’all Rubes who read and share posts, who click through my Amazon links to buy the recommended books or movies, or just before going shopping…thank you to my Patreon supporters and my Gofundme supporters…and thank you to Dave and Gareth for entrusting me with your brand.

Ehlers-Danlos, Hypermobility-Type (and everything else that ails me) is horribly isolating. Thanks to y’all, I have both creative expression and community while I figure out this new normal of being disabled. The site has given me a well-defined outward focus this past year. I gain better writing chops, better mental health, a tribe :), and a Greg Behrendt-shaped friend. Cannot ask for more.

Happy anniversary, Rubes. On to year two, with a faster production schedule on my part, and the gov’ment clearing my disability payments. ‘Cause when that happens, we’re scheduling a meetup! Let’s do this.

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