Community, Conversation, and Carla

aka Support and Emails. I couldn’t resist the alliteration. I apologize.

Here’s where you can talk to me, talk to Dave about show ideas, talk to Gareth whenever Dave or I prod him to stick his head into the forums, talk to each other, talk to random FODs, talk! Yay, talking!
You know what’s awesome what’s talking here? When you go to a FOD’s show, or to a live Dollop, you will know a chunk of people in the audience. Instant friendage!

Yes, I made up a word. No, I will not take it back. Friendage. Friendage, friendage, friendage.


GlassesNow, problems first. Need help with anything? Something not working correctly on the website? Login gone wonky? Someone harassing one of my Rubes? Just fill out this form; it will email me at carla at thedollop, and I will HANDLE IT pronto. Never fear, Momma Carla is here.


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Please make certain to use a legitimate email. If I receive requests or complaints from emails that don’t exist, I will be forced to assume that I am being emailed by poltergeists, and that the server is haunted. No worries, I’m not sharing it, posting it, giving it, etc. I just wanna talk. Y U NO TALK 2 ME?


GlassesNext: I have set up a MailChimp account, for future tours, merchandise, etc. to keep everyone in the loop. I will post to the site and update this page once it is ready for subscriptions. Subscriptions will have to be active only–no passive additions, no spamming of Rubes. The email only wants to it cuddle you more deeply. Feel that? It loves you.



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