Puttin’ on the Ritz

Lucille c.1921

It’s the 1920’s, baby. Look at my ankles and my collarbone. LOOK AT THEM.

Some 1920’s era snazziness for you while I gather together our ill-fated Radium Girls (and the ill-led Klan)…

1920's: hats

I like my man to have a good stiff felt.


1920's furs

I’m bringing cloches and turbans back. One-woman fashion army. Who’s with me?

But I don't WANT to work for the Radium Corporation.

But I don’t WANT to work for the Radium Corporation.

Other what-the-tarnation is she wearing entries:

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  1. I also learned, choosing a version of the song to embed, that the original Taco video (the version from my misspent youth) has blackface in it. I didn’t remember that at all. Don’t support it–loathe it–but you know how I am about being honest about the past, preserving it for exactly what it was, so, here’s the uncensored video.

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